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Indian Alert Security Services Pvt Ltd Since 2012 of extensive knowledge and expertise in the security industry. Through the provision of unrivaled quality commercial security services to businesses operating in the public and private sectors,Indian Alert Security has achieved much success through building on its policy of integrity, credibility and partnership with all of Our clients.

At Indian Alert Security we recognize the importance of our security team in providing a customer service that goes above and beyond the norm. Indian Alert Security believes that the key to providing a first class service lies with investing in the workforce which is why we at Indian Alert Security have made significant contributions towards recruitment, training and development in terms of our Managers, Supervisors and Front Line Security Officers. By making a continuous effort towards the personal and professional development of the Indian Alert Security Team, we have achieved a greater level of staff motivation and customer satisfaction.

As one of the industry’s leading security companies, Indian Alert Security’s emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach to the provision of commercial security services differentiates it from other organizations operating in the sector.

Indian Alert Security ultimately provides peace of mind, enabling its clients to focus on achieving their business objectives, rather than dealing with the worries and concerns associated with the security of their employees and premises.


Our Mission

Indian Alert Security aims to provide all of our clients with the option to receive all support services they require from one innovative and effective supplier.

Indian Alert Security promotes training and development and emphasizes the value of active customer service as a vital tool to both gain competitive advantage and exceed client expectations.

To achieve this mission we must embrace the following values and work ethics within our organization.

Company Values

We respect honesty, listen to each other’s ideas and opinions, and are open, fair and informative. We encourage everyone to participate, work in a team, help one another and maintain a happy working environment. We understand our changing market, set clear standards of performance, encourage people to make decisions and solve problems quickly.


Our Business Aim

To successfully supply services and products and continue to evolve efficiently in a faster, connected new INDIA